144 MHz station - 4 x16el - 1KW



Time to get back on 2m EME.

It has been almost a decade since I got 100 DXCC on 2m and decided to concentrate on HF and 6m band. That has changed now and a temporary setup was build to be able to work a few expeditions. The 2m EME scene has grown over last 10 years so have some catching up to do.

Even with a small setup one can participate in the EME game, but the final setup will not be small. I've had a number of arrays in the past, 4x9el, 4x17B2, 8x17B2, 4x WX228 and my last array was 8x 2M18XXX, that was really a great performer.

So ON4GG and me decided to run a small setup till I can get something decent on top of the tower. Construction of this new big frame is about to start, still trying to locate a number of materials, but it will be same magnitude as 8x 2M18XXX.

I decide NOT to go for cross polarity, mainly because of mechanical issues involved. putting 8 cross yagi on top of a 24m tower, on top of a hill is NOT a good idea..

The metal frame work for the H-frame is about 4.2m wide and 12m high, so top antenne will be sitting at just over 30m agl.

Elevation and azimith rotators are alreay here, 36" jack for elevation and a PST61 for azimuth.

End of May most of frame should be welded and I can start cutting and measuring the phase lines, all 1/2" hardline.

More details to follow