2010 A9, E4, JT0, 3D2

2011 PJ2 PJ4 PJ6 PJ7 5W EL ST0 T32

2012 3B8 VK9 6O E6

2013 FO TX5K BV FK KH9

2014 VK0JJ #257 XR0ZR #258 FW5JJ #259 KH8/W7GJ #260

2015 3B9FR #261, 5Z0L #262, V6M #263

2016 E51WL #264

It looks like 2016 will be a challenging year, I'm trying to get to 270 DXCC but no F² around and most countries within Eskip range worked. However I'm still looking forward to following new ones CP S2 S7 J52 HS T8

Interested in activating a rare DXCC? drop me an email !.